Vision and Mission

The Atlas Vision
To achieve a society of free and responsible individuals, based upon private property rights, limited government under the rule of law and the market order.

The Atlas Mission
To discover, develop and support intellectual entrepreneurs worldwide who have the potential to create independent public policy institutes and related programs, which advance our vision; and to provide ongoing support as such institutes and programs mature.

Mission Objectives and Methods
To discover intellectual entrepreneurs who share our vision.

To develop and support them in the establishment and growth of organizations with the potential to advance our mission.

To encourage such people and such institutes to address policy issues which advance our vision.

To support the dissemination of their work to current and potential opinion leaders.

To encourage and provide support for institute leaders and staffers to develop their management, leadership and fundraising skills.

To alert institutes about potential funding opportunities.

To inform institutes about the work of their colleagues through networking, publications and conferences.

To encourage institutes to create a working environment that will attract intellectual entrepreneurs and retain talented staff.