How Atlas Works

Venture capital firms use specialized expertise to invest in startup companies with the goal of achieving very high returns. Atlas operates in a similar manner, putting resources into new and innovative institutes and programs, then monitoring those investments to improve their chances of success.

While the think tank industry is still very young, Atlas is guided by individuals on its Board and Staff who have played many roles and have many years of experience within the think tank movement.

Atlas’s investments are long-term in nature, but with incredible potential for changing the climate of ideas and improving the prospects for human freedom around the world.

In addition to advising young institutes, Atlas hosts workshops and networking events; administers prize programs; and undertakes special projects that bring more resources to local institutes. Atlas also publishes its Highlights newsletter; maintains a Toolkit of advice helpful for think tanks; and features online information-sharing tools – such as our Directory, Classifieds, Calendar and Blog Hub, to provide you with a convenient way to access information about this diverse global network.